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Foreign teachers are always welcome here. Please contact with us if you like to join us. Enjoy teaching, enjoy your life in China.
Our school
The introduction of our school
    SEVENSTAR English language school, was established in 2004 in Suzhou city(near Shanghai).The motive of the school is training and teaching English language to people of all ages. During these years the training establishment has made great success in teaching kids, children and adults。We have trained and qualified teachers creating a good environment for teaching and learning. The teaching experts native English speakers

help the students with pronunciation, intonation and good speaking skills. We are proud that most of our students have improved tremendously and their English level is almost the same as native speakers.

Preface: Leading our colleagues with culture, improving the company with culture, winning customers with quality.

Core: Make children express themselves with fluent English confidently.

ResponsibilityEducating students with innovation; Creating a lovely home for all colleagues; Making our school develop around the whole China.

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